Scavenger Hunt Key

Nobilis Group Scavenger Hunt

1. Which of these is the correct Nobilis logo?


2. Which of these markets do we NOT currently provide programs for?
A. Auto
B. Marine
C. Golf
D. Aviation
F. Powersports

3. On which street will you find our Manufacturing & Fulfillment center?
A. Skycircle Lane East
B. Skyway Circle North
C. Skypath Boulevard West
D. Skystreet Way South

4. Which division manages catastrophic hail events?
B. NanoCure
C. Nobilis
D. ReconLINX

5. Which of these is NOT a core offering of Nobilis Group?
A. Program Administration
B. Chemical Manufacturing
C. Vehicle Detailing
D. Repair Claims Fulfillment
E. Catastrophic Claims Management

6. Which is a FALSE statement about our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?
A. Non-invasive process maintains your vehicle’s resale and trade-in value
B. 100% guarantee on repairs
C. PDR may still require body fillers or sanding
D. Certified Fulfillment Technicians perform all PDR repairs

7. Put these events in chronological order from oldest to most recent:
a. NanoCure acquired and relocated
b. PDR LINX Hail Group created
c. Nobilis Group launched
d. Dent Zone began doing business

A. c, d, b, a
B. d, a, b, c
C. c, a, d, b
D. b, d, c, a

8. NanoCure innovates in which science to manufacture chemical protectants?
A. Microbiology
B. Hydrology
C. Nanotechnology
D. Biochemistry

9. ReconLINX helps restore vehicles affected by which type of issue?
A. Overspray
B. Cracked Windshields
C. Frame Damage
D. Transmission Failure

10. Which is NOT a Nobilis Core Value?
A. People First
B. Team Spirit
C. Driven to Excellence
D. Relationships for Life

11. Which of these groups do we serve?
a. Dealers
b. Agents
c. Third-Party Product Administrators
d. Insurers
e. Consumers

A. a, b, c
B. c, d, e
C. a, c, d, e
D. a, b, c, d, e

12. On which social media sites can you find us?
A. Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor
B. Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat
C. YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr
D. TikTok, Discord, Twitch


NanoCure Scavenger Hunt

1. What chemicals are manufactured at the Nobilis Fulfillment Center?
A. Pesticides and weedkiller
B. Vehicle appearance protectants
C. Car wash shampoo
D. Cleaners and degreasers

2. In 2022, NanoCure created an innovative vehicle protectant called:
A. Ceramic Graphene
B. CarArmor
C. Titanium+ Defense
D. SteelSpray

3. Our auto ancillary protection offerings include the following EXCEPT:
A. Theft protection
B. Corrosion protection
C. Interior protection
D. Windshield protection
E. Sunroof protection
F. Paint protection

4. The Nobilis Fulfillment Center is located in which DFW suburb?
A. Grapevine
B. Irving
C. Grand Prairie
D. Arlington

5. Our NanoCure warranty claims are handled by:
B. State Farm
C. Protective
D. Nobilis Group

6. NanoCure Ceramic Graphene improves surface gloss and water repellency up to __.
A. 5X
B. 4X
C. 3X
D. 2X

7. We offer appearance protection for all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Golf Carts
B. Powersports
C. Automobiles
D. RVs
E. Boats
F. Planes

8. Dent Zone Companies (now Nobilis Group) acquired the pioneering nanotechnology manufacturer, now known as NanoCure Protective Coatings, in what year?
A. 2007
B. 2014
C. 2016
D. 2021

9. What award did Nobilis/NanoCure win in 2021, 2022 and 2023?
A. Dealers’ Choice Award
B. Agents’ Choice Award
C. Auto Protection Award
D. Automotive Industry Award

10. Exterior vehicle appearance protection does not include:
A. Black trim molding
B. Dashboards
C. Paint
D. Headlight lenses
E. Wheels

11. The president of NanoCure Protective Coatings is:
A. Rusty Miller
B. Jeff Beaver
C. Stormy Patton
D. John Martin

12. Which of the following does NanoCure NOT offer?
A. Private label programs for product providers
B. Chemical manufacturing
C. Direct to consumer programs
D. Pre-load programs for dealers


PDR LINX Scavenger Hunt 

1. PDR LINX assists with catastrophic hail by offering all of the following services EXCEPT:
A. Mobile Dispatch Network
B. Catastrophic Claims Management
C. Personalized Legal Advice
D. Appraisal Services
E. Certified Fulfillment Centers

2. With what method does PDR LINX specialize in to restore vehicles?
A. Paintless Dent Repair
B. Body Panel Replacement
C. Repainting Scratched Surfaces
D. Windshield Replacement

3. From which hail repair group did PDR LINX originate?
A. Dent LINX
B. Dent Zone
C. Dent Better
D. Dent Magicians

4. Expert Repair Technicians fix dented metal body panels by doing all EXCEPT:
A. Placing powerful magnets on each side of the dent to realign the metal
B. Gently manipulating and flexing the panel back to its original form
C. Reaching behind metal panels to work the dent out
D. Using non-invasive specially designed dent repair tools

5. Who is the president of our PDR LINX division?
A. Jeffrey Hudascek
B. Rusty Miller
C. Tricia Benjamin
D. Bernard Rayoni
E. Jon Jones

6. Where do most PDR LINX customers have their vehicle’s hail damage repaired?
A. At their vehicle’s original dealership
B. In the closest parking lot
C. At an Official Body Shop that’s not too busy
D. At a Certified Repair Center of the customer’s choosing

7. How long is the PDR LINX warranty for hail damage repaired through paintless dent repair?
A. 90 days, except in the case that another hailstorm occurs
B. 1 year from the initial repair
C. For the lifetime of the vehicle, while under the same ownership
D. 180 days, as long as the vehicle is under covered parking

8. What is the name of our service guarantee?
A. No Doubt®
B. Fixed 4ever™
C. Quality Checked™
D. DentGuard®

9. Which of these is NOT a step in our hassle-free hail repair?
A. Schedule your repair
B. Get your damage repaired
C. Contact your insurance for approval
D. Get your damage appraisal
E. Schedule your appraisal

10. Which of these is part of our comprehensive outsourced solutions for insurers?
A. One-stop Claims Management
B. Advanced Storm Monitoring
C. Complete Repair Site Coordination
D. A and C only
E. A, B and C

11. True or False: A customer is only responsible for their auto insurance deductible on hail claims with PDR LINX.
A. True
B. False

12. What is the name of our overspray division?
A. QuikRestore
B. ReconLINX
C. Positively Clean
D. SprayOK Detailing

13. Which of these is NOT an example of overspray removal-related service
A. Tar and oil deposit removal
B. Acid rain decontamination
C. Cement and concrete removal
D. Tree sap removal