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Nobilis Group Introduces New NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection. New Product Offers Elevated Vehicle Appearance Protection

January 12, 2023
Nobilis Group Introduces New NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection. New Product Offers Elevated Vehicle Appearance Protection

Nobilis Group is pleased to introduce NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection. The new product features NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Spray-On Exterior Protectant, the latest chemical innovation from NanoCure. This revolutionary innovation capitalizes on graphene’s strength, hardness and flexibility to create a powerful barrier for vehicle exteriors.

Beginning as Dent Zone in 1991, Nobilis has set the industry standard in paintless dent repair, eventually launching the first-ever PDR service contract in 1999. Since then, the Company has been a pioneer in the catastrophic repair services space of the automotive industry, as well as building the nation’s largest mobile repair technician network. Through its NanoCure Protective Coatings arm, Nobilis has provided leading-edge chemical appearance products, now including NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Spray-On Exterior Protectant.

“We’ve had great success with our NanoCure Ceramic protectant and now, we’re excited to offer our agents and dealers this highly-advanced, new Graphene product,” said John Martin, President of NanoCure Protective Coatings. “Graphene is 200-times harder than a diamond, and is self-leveling, or ‘self-healing,’ which makes our spray-on protectant a premium offering that provides a mirror-like finish that’s also an efficient solution for dealers.”

NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection offers four levels of coverage, with some levels including interior appearance protection for leather, vinyl, carpet and fabric surfaces. All Nobilis protectants feature Nanoxide, an advanced formulation that gives vehicles a hazard- and stain-resistant barrier by bonding with the surface on a molecular level.

“Because we are a manufacturer as well as a product warranty and service contract provider with many valuable relationships across the industry, Nobilis is uniquely positioned to offer profitable ancillary products to our partners,” Martin says. “We’re confident that our one-of-a-kind NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection will become a sought-after product that delivers results.”


Nobilis Group offers fulfillment services and consumer vehicle protection programs to the automotive, recreational vehicle and powersports markets as well as catastrophic repair services for insurers, automotive retailers and company managed fleets. Dent Zone is credited with launching the industry’s first paintless dent repair service contract and developing a national network of certified repair technicians to service customer claims. AutoBodyGuard distributes a full line of appearance protection and related programs to automotive, RV and powersports dealers through agents nationwide. Through PDR LINX, the company provides catastrophic repair services, including hail repair, flood and fire mitigation and overspray removal services.