NanoCue offers superior appearance protection

The Latest Innovation
from NanoCure

NanoCure Ceramic Graphene is a groundbreaking formulation that offers an elevated level of protection thanks to its lightweight, flexible and ultra-strong formulation. This premium, easy-to-apply protectant provides unmatched protection against damage from the elements.

Here’s why Graphene stands apart from standard protective coatings:

  • It gives vehicles a brilliant, mirror-like finish
  • It is 200 times stronger than steel
  • It’s harder than even a diamond
  • It provides a vehicle 5 times its normal hydrophobicity (water-repellency)
  • It’s self-leveling, or “self-healing,” making it more durable than standard coatings

NanoCure Ceramic Graphene Protection makes vehicle surfaces impervious to environmental hazards and adverse weather conditions. There’s no better defense for a vehicle’s appearance.

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